Flickering Lights In Your Home?

In the movies, when the lights begin to flicker, you know an evil spirit is about to come over from the other side or someone in the neighborhood is exorcising a demon. Thankfully, we don’t live in the movies and flickering lights in the home are much less ominous, but that doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous. The occasional light flicker could be something minor and annoying or a potential electrical or fire hazard. The only way to find out for sure is to call ghostbusters (just kidding, call your local residential electrician today!).

It May Be a Sign of Something Serious

Since flickering or blinking lights are often the first sign of an outdated wiring system, loose wiring, an overloaded circuit, or other electrical issues that could become a dangerous fire hazard, it's important to get your home inspected right away. Aside from the potential house fires, a loose connection could become an issue for your home security system as well.

We’ll examine the various reasons why your lights flicker and when it’s time to call a professional electrician. One of our local electricians will inspect the lights in your home, check the electrical voltage, and determine any electrical issue in the home that could be causing the flickering problem.

Power Load Could Trigger Lights Flickering

There are certain appliances in your home that use a large amount of electricity and are more susceptible to electrical fires as a result. Hot tubs are an example of a large "appliance" that could cause sensory overload for your circuit breaker. If the circuit already has a load on it, then when the appliance, such as an air conditioner, kicks on it draws power and may cause lights connected to the circuit to flicker.

When lights start flickering, it’s important to not ignore a power draw problem. As the appliances get older, they may draw more electricity from the electrical system and cause the circuit breaker to trigger due to a circuit overload.

Install A Dimmer Switch To Lower Your Energy Bill

Over time, the draw can lead to overheating breakers and wiring and cause a house fire. There are kits that can be installed that cause these appliances to draw less energy on startup. You can also update the circuit box to handle the higher load. In cases of a power load flicker, a licensed electrician should be hired. The leading cause of flickering lights is simply that the lights need to be replaced. In rare cases, it turns out to be something more serious.

A simple way to increase the life span of your lights and light fixtures is to install a dimmer switch with dimming lights. We suggest using LED bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. Dimmer switches are a great alternative for rooms that don't need full lighting. This is also a great option for any homeowner looking to save money on their next energy bill.

When Flickering Lights Surround a Single Light

If you have a single light source flickering, then the problem is likely connected to the light and its wiring. The first thing to check would be the light bulbs. It could be the bulb needs tightening or needs to be replaced. If a new lightbulb doesn’t solve the problem, then it’s likely an issue with the wiring near the unit or between the unit and the light switch.

This is when you need to hire a professional electrician. If the problem is with the aluminum wiring, then it’s a potential electrical fire hazard and is a sign that it is time to call an electrician. Also, the wiring is behind the walls and ceiling, so there’s no easy way to get to it. You don’t want to demolish half the room to find out it’s something that could have been fixed at the source. A faulty light switch, loose connections, or a bigger electrical issue requires a professional electrician ASAP.

What to Do When Multiple Lights Flicker?

When multiple lights flicker throughout your house and it’s not the cause of a power load, you have a potentially serious problem. It could be a problem with the main power box and loose service connectors. It could be old wiring that’s breaking down. It could be copper wires mixing with aluminum wires. It could be many things and unless it’s something obvious like old knob & tube wiring, you won’t know what it is even if you see it.

Once again, you need to call a professional electrician ASAP. They can find the problem quickly and fix it correctly. It’s important that all electrical work is done correctly as problems can lead to fire, injury, or even death. We also recommend installing a home generator in case your lighting goes out completely. Contact a local electrician today before other signs of electrical issues cause abrupt changes to your lifestyle.

The Occasional Light Flicker

While it may not be a demon trying to raise the underworld through your house, flickering lights still need addressing. It could eventually lead to a fire in the home or someone getting electrocuted. Do you need a professional to fix your electrical problems? Then contact us today by phone at 289-799-4246 and let us know if you are dealing with a flickering light problem in your home. It's completely normal and doesn't need to be cause for concern.

A simple problem requires a simple solution and that's what Advantage Electric offers to Hamilton customers. We will implement a well designed electrical system so you never have to deal with major or minor flickering again!

High-Quality and Affordable.

Advantage Electric strives to offer only quality products, superior craftsmanship, and excellent customer services…all while making it fit your budget.

"I have been a client of Advantage Security for years now and am always satisfied with the services they provide. I started with monitoring just at my shop and then was so pleased I also have my house being monitored. They were able to use the same partitioning board that was set up at my shop by just adding a new code for my house so I didn’t have to pay for the system twice. There prices are very affordable and there service is outstanding."

~ Scott’s Landscaping

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