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A nasty storm or some other environmental hazard can leave your home without electricity for days without end. Such situations are hard to predict, so it is much better to be ready for all eventualities. While having a backup generator is not a necessity, it is something you should definitely consider. Whether you choose a whole house generator or a partial house generator, you should have enough electricity to power up the essential appliances. Not having an air conditioner during the summer, or lacking lighting during long winter days can be infuriating.

The Advantage Electric team can quickly install a new standby generator. By hiring our electrical contractors, you can rest assured that the job is well done and that the generator won't malfunction in the future. While we're there, we can also check the other electrical systems including essential circuits, outlets, various electric devices, and so on. We have reasonable installation costs, so our visit shouldn't cause a strain on your home budget.

If you want quality and reliable home generator electrical service in Hamilton, give us a call today at (289) 799-4246 for a free quote, or to schedule an appointment.

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What Are Standby Generators?

While not always a necessity, there are certain situations where you should consider getting a whole house generator. By having a standby generator, you can ensure that the entire house has power and that things such as air conditioners, refrigerators, heat systems are always available. They are also important for things such as elevators, fire extinguishing systems, life support, and so on.

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Backup Electrical System

A standby generator is an electrical system that works as a backup when the regular one goes out of commission. Backup generators will start working in just a few seconds upon a power outage. A transfer switch will determine there has been a power loss, and it will activate the backup power by transferring the electrical load to your standby or portable generator.

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Be Prepared For Emergencies

The emergency generator works by providing power to the circuits. When the regular power returns, the automatic transfer switch will once again transfer the load to your utility simultaneously turning off spare generator power. After that, standby and portable generators go back to their standby mode awaiting the next outage.

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No Maintenance Required

The great thing about these generators is that they're self-sustainable and require minimal maintenance. They perform self-tests ensuring that the system works at the optimal level at all times. For standby generators to work, they need to be connected to your gas line as they require a suitable fuel source in the form of natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting offers practicality and safety while adding curb appeal to your Hamilton home. The days when outdoor lighting consisted of one or two floodlights installed on the house exterior are long gone. Today, outdoor lighting is planned and moved out and helps in making landscaping design great.

It is a great way to turn your Hamilton, Ontario home space into a well-illuminated and clean masterpiece. From pot lights and garden design to recessed deck lights, the skilled, licensed, and experienced pros in Ontario will help with all the outdoor and home light installations and maintenance.

We are fully licensed and insured Hamilton Electrician, and we always work with the utmost safety in mind. We are also committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service.

To learn more about our services, please visit our homepage at www.advantageelectric.ca. You can also call us at 289-799-4246.

Why Do I Need A Standby Generator?

There are a few situations in which standby generators are mandatory:

  • Crucial for large homes.
  • Necessary in areas with lots of storms, natural disasters, and frequent outages.
  • Important for powering life support and other medical devices.

If you can't rely on utility power, you should definitely get one of these systems.

Winter House Generators Near Me

Large homes can benefit from a generator especially during the winter. Water pipes are prone to freezing and bursting during outages. This results in thousands of dollars in expenses. Although you could prevent this issue, to an extent, with gas heaters, we still recommend getting a backup generator.

You also need to consider the impact of storms, which have become more common in recent years. Furthermore, they are more severe than ever. Some studies indicate they will become even more severe in the future. So, as a way of protecting your entire home, pipes, and electrical systems, you might wish to consider getting a Generac generator or a similar product.

Lastly, some people need CPAC machines, stairlifts, and other types of devices to live a normal, dignified life. Although most of us can survive a day or two without electricity, these individuals cannot. To have peace of mind, we suggest the installation of a new standby generator.

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Natural Gas Generator Installation Near Me

If you need home generator installation, make sure to contact Advantage Electric. Upon getting a new generator, you will never have to think about outages and the potential consequences that come with them. Larger homes can especially benefit from this, as you can prevent damage to piping and other systems that rely on electricity.

How To Handle Power Outages

Power outages come out of nowhere, and no matter how well you prepare, they are always nasty. However, there are a few things that will make them more bearable...

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Start With Proper Preparation

First off, you need to determine which electrical systems are necessary and which aren't. For example, if your power goes out you want your generator to power the lights without them flickering, rather than keeping the perfect temperature of the hot tub.

You can use batteries, generators, and other alternative sources to power them up during an outage. Flashlights are always handy, especially during the night. Every member of your household should have one.

Consider The Medical Needs

As mentioned, standby and portable generators are crucial for families and individuals who have special medical needs. Even if you only rely on drugs in your refrigerator, you will need to find a way to power it up. See which medication can survive in the open, and which ones need to be refrigerated.

Storing The Food

If we're talking about a prolonged food outage, you need to consider having enough food. Upon outage, your refrigerator will keep the products cold for additional four hours. After that, they will slowly go stale. Ideally, you should have enough cans and other products that have an unlimited (or at least long) expiration date.

Utilizing Appliances Right Away

You should always have carbon monoxide detectors in your home. They need to be placed in several crucial locations as a way of preventing gas poisoning. If you decide to use camp stoves, generators, or charcoal grills, make sure to do it outside. Using a gas stove for heating the house is a very bad idea. Furthermore, as soon as your electricity goes out, make sure to disconnect all the electronics as keeping them plugged can cause a power surge.

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