Lighting Installation Hamilton, ON

Advantage Electric is the right choice for all your lighting needs.

A man is fixing a light bulb in the house

Home Lighting Installation Near Me

In the past few years, people have been on the lookout to address high energy consumption. Reducing power consumption, upgrading, and integrating smart solutions are methods to ensure energy-efficient home lighting.

Our professionals will create designing schemes, calculate energy savings, and source branded lamps at competitive rates. A knowledgeable electrician will read through and pay close attention to your needs without infringing your rights. They will then advise and help you in getting the right replacement lighting for the unit that is energy efficient.

Commercial Lighting Installation Near Me

Most of the businesses in Hamilton and surrounding areas have already taken the first steps to become energy-efficient services and improve their brand perception. Whether you need energy-efficient indoor light that will add ambiance to your house or want great landscape lighting for your yard, Advantage Electric has the creativity and expertise to help.

We will take our time to understand what the client requires before we recommend measures to take. Call us today at (289) 799-4246 for a free estimate and learn more about our quality service in Ontario state.

Residential & Commercial Electrical Services For Lighting

At Advantage Electric, we have a team of highly trained and experienced electricians installing lighting in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Our local residential electricians will provide you with exactly what you need for a beautifully lit home. Advantage Electric will help brighten your home, perform outlet installation, exterior lighting, and provide more solutions. The team is prompt to address all lighting issues before moving to the next project.

If you want quality and reliable light repairs service in Hamilton, give us a call today at (289) 799-4246 for a free quote, or to schedule an appointment.

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A man is fixing a light bulb in the house

Light Fixture Installation

Advantage Electric will design and install modern lighting technology and equipment using a no-compromise approach. Whether your requirements are for commercial property, large retail premises, residential purposes, or retail shoplifting, we are the leading electrical services provider in the Hamilton Ontario area.

Electrician Builder at work, installation of lamps

Potlight Installation

Advantage Electric provides residential and commercial electrical services using modern tools. This ensures they meet the latest electrical wiring safety regulations and standards guaranteeing reliable and safe lighting services for potlight installation and more!

Electrician repair a Wall socket

Outlet Installation

Our many years of experience in handling different residential and commercial electrical projects such as home generator installation, aluminum wiring replacement, and security system troubleshooting, enables us to deal with a wide variety of electrical problems on the first attempt without your property losing its value.

Feel free to ask our pros any question or seek any advice regarding residential or commercial electrical services in Hamilton.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting offers practicality and safety while adding curb appeal to your Hamilton home. The days when outdoor lighting consisted of one or two floodlights installed on the house exterior are long gone. Today, outdoor lighting is planned and moved out and helps in making landscaping design great.

It is a great way to turn your Hamilton, Ontario home space into a well-illuminated and clean masterpiece. From pot lights and garden design to recessed deck lights, the skilled, licensed, and experienced pros in Ontario will help with all the outdoor and home light installations and maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Near Me

Aesthetics play an important role when choosing the right outdoor pot lights design, although there are other things like guidelines or electrical codes to follow, one must ensure the electrical panel or breaker box is well equipped to handle the extra fixtures.

If you live in an old house, there are possibilities you will need rewiring services and an increase in construction works.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our happy and reliable customer support team. We will review your questions and recommend a perfect solution that will suit your family.

Lighting Installation Hamilton, ON

Tired of dealing with flickering lights? We invest in high-quality materials while every technology we use is well maintained to enable us to replace business or homeowners' electrical systems in time. Before our technicians start working on any project, they will check the damage and recommend what is needed to ensure fast and efficient repairs or new installations.

Electrician in blue overalls installing an outdoor light on a local home in Hamilton.

Advantage Electric Outdoor Electricity Services

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Potlight Installation

Ceiling and wall lights are the most popular choices when it comes to patios, especially patios with a hot tub. Many Hamilton homeowners like the appearance of recessed lights placed in their kitchen, deck, or patio stairways.

Security Lights & Motions Sensors

They are helpful in the security, safety addition to your home. It helps in power conservation by going on when they detect motion. They are perfect for walk paths, garages, backyards, and parking lot lighting as they help improve visibility at night.

LED Lights

The LED lights are an essential choice for outdoor space as they offer the same benefits you get from indoor LEDs. They require less maintenance while replacing them is less expensive.

Dimmers & Timers

Reduce energy prices while increasing home security. They help one to set a perfect backyard art while deterring unwanted visitors.

Reliable Lighting Installation Near Me

At Advantage Electric, we have skilled, well-trained, and licensed electricians who will be handling your entire outdoor and home lighting design project regardless of how big or small they are. We have a positive reputation thanks to our previous clients who were pleased with our workmanship and honesty.

If you want outdoor lighting installed in your business property or in a room of your home, you can rest assured that our dedicated electricians will carry out an inspection service, advise on lighting levels, and get the job done right in time. Before you choose and install outdoor and LED lighting for your home, our company professionals will offer free consultation services.

One man standing on ladder installing a light fixture while other man holds the orange ladder.

Installing Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

Depending on the project type, the process of installing home lighting will always vary. Our electrician can install indoor and LED lighting to an existing circuit in any location in an hour or two.

When incorporating new pot lights, our pros will have to add outdoor wiring and circuits, taking a bit longer.

Our lighting installation services include:

  • Outdoor structural lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Overhead fixture installation
  • Outdoor security lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Indoor incandescent and LED lighting

Fill in the contact form on our website with a message on what you want us to help you with. Our friendly electricians will reach you in a short while for help.

We are in operation all year round and have helped make Hamilton residents in decision making and easy solving of their problems.

About Us

Advantage Electric is a family-owned and operated electrical service business serving Hamilton and the surrounding area. We offer different electrical services for your commercial, residential and industrial needs. We treat our customers as one family. We not only make sure the job is correctly done, but we let our customers know every step of the way what we are doing and why.

Guaranteed Lighting Installation & Repair

At Advantage Electric, we have been delivering quality products and services for over 30 years. We have been providing our customers the full benefits of our experience all the time to accommodate their wide range of needs.

Whether house lighting fixtures require an overhaul or upgrade of fixtures, we have the technique, technologies, and drive to ensure the client is satisfied with the task done.

Our past customers' reviews are a sign of the great and reliable services we offer to our Hamilton client's roof.

We are fully licensed and insured Hamilton Electrician, and we always work with the utmost safety in mind. We are also committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service.

To learn more about our services, please visit our homepage at

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Client Testimonials

When we required what I thought would be expensive electrical work Advantage Electric came highly recommended by close friends of ours who had used them on their new build. In our initial meeting, we found Dave to be extremely helpful and honest, he explained clearly that what we thought was a complex job was not all that difficult. He gave us a quote which we thought was truly fair and one-half the price of another local electrician. Dave’s employees did a professional job and left the work site spotless, the job came in spot on budget. I would and will recommend Advantage Electric to anyone who is looking for a big or small electrical job. Rating 5 stars out of 5.

-Jillian B

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