Aluminum Wiring Replacement In Hamilton, ON

Aluminum wiring is not as common as it used to be. Most houses in the 60s and 70s were built to have such an electrical system. According to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, you can still use them if they're properly connected. We recommend having your old aluminum wiring replaced for safety reasons or to switch to copper altogether.

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The biggest issue with aluminum wiring is that people don't know how to properly install them. Aluminum wiring can lead to all sorts of trouble in residential homes if you don't make the proper connection and terminations.

Aluminum wiring is prone to overheating, affecting the connector at your outlet. This is why a lot of customers decide to eventually replace the aluminum wiring with a new set. Contrary to what you might've read, aluminum wiring is not necessarily bad. It just needs a bit more attention.

If you wish to replace your old set of aluminum wires with a new one, you need to call Hamilton Electricians who will install the upgraded aluminum wire. Before we start the work, we will provide a free estimate to help you plan the home budget.

Get Your Electrical Wiring Up To Code

There are various indications that something is wrong with your aluminum wiring. Here are some of the things that our insured electricians check during residential and commercial electrical services:

  • Plugs that are not working properly or not working at all
  • Flickering of lights in your home
  • Fuses or circuit breakers that trip
  • A strange odor that resembles burning plastic
  • Frequent sparks or smoke that appears around electrical devices

Any of the signs listed above indicate that you need to replace the aluminum wire in your home.

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How do you recognize a professional, experienced, and licensed electrician?

  1. Every certified electrical contractor in Ontario has a proper ECRA/ESA license. It allows them to perform electrical work in the province. The number should also be disclosed on their vehicle and business card.
  2. Licensed contractors have the right documentation in the form of a Certificate of Acceptance issued by ESA.
  3. Before performing any electricity job, a contractor needs to notify ESA. Making sure they've done so is another indication they are legitimate.

Advantage Electric fulfills all these requirements. Each one of our electricians has the proper license to do work in Ontario.

Licensed Electricians For Aluminum Rewiring Services

Aluminum wiring has become less common with years, but a lot of homes in Hamilton still have such a setup. Although aluminum is not necessarily unsafe, it does require a lot of maintenance.

Once you replace these wires with new ones, you will notice immediate benefits. A new set of aluminum wires will be more conductive, more durable, and will have a higher density. Regardless of its benefits, you need to ensure that it is installed by certified electricians. So, make sure to call Advance Electric and resolve this issue once and for all!

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Hire Our Licensed Electricians For Safe Wiring Installation

Putting new electrical wiring is all about safety. It is a type of work that should always be handled by certified electricians. We have all the equipment, experience, and training that would help us do this job safely. Be wary of people who offer this service at very cheap rates, as this could be an indication that the person is not professional enough to do it safely. Besides potential property damage, you also need to consider the health risk that a person without a license can cause.

Why Choose Us For Aluminum Wiring Replacement?

Advantage Electric LTD. has served the Greater Toronto Area since 1993. As one of the oldest companies in the area, we are recognized as an electrical safety authority by both clients and peers. Each one of our certified electricians is dedicated to his craft: always putting customers' satisfaction first. We are the leading electrical contractor in Hamilton and the wider area providing solutions to industrial, commercial, residential, and security systems.

One of the reasons why we're still on top after such a long time is because we install the most recent aluminum wiring meeting all of the up-to-date safety codes. We are driven by technology and are always looking to do things better and to install the highest quality wiring, switches, panels, and other systems.

Whether you need circuits in your home replaced, or new outlets at your place of business, Advantage Electric is there for you. There is no job too big or too small for our licensed technicians. If you wish to determine how much a specific work costs, we can provide you with a free quote at any time!

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About Us

The most important thing about our company is that we have all the certificates necessary to perform electrical work in Hamilton and the wider area. Our professionals have been in the business for a while and can identify a potential problem even if you are not aware of it. As such, we can prevent potential hazards in your home and office.

Our company puts customers first. Electricity is no laughing matter, and we would never do anything to endanger our loved ones. For us, this is not just a profession but also a public duty. Whether you need to replace aluminum wiring, or perform some other electrical work, make sure to contact Advance Electric today for all of your residential electrical needs!

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Adhering to the Ontario safety codes is important not only when you're upgrading electrical systems, but also when you're installing new ones. Every licensed electrician working for our company is well acquainted with the code, and they can provide suggestions as to how to go about things. By performing renovations the right way, you reduce the future risk of electrical shock and fire.

Client Testimonials

When we required what I thought would be expensive electrical work Advantage Electric came highly recommended by close friends of ours who had used them on their new build. In our initial meeting, we found Dave to be extremely helpful and honest, he explained clearly that what we thought was a complex job was not all that difficult. He gave us a quote which we thought was truly fair and one-half the price of another local electrician. Dave’s employees did a professional job and left the work site spotless, the job came in spot on budget. I would and will recommend Advantage Electric to anyone who is looking for a big or small electrical job. Rating 5 stars out of 5.

-Jillian B

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