How To Reduce Your Hot Tub Energy Bill

On cold days, hot baths are the best thing to do. But not so fast! Remember they will increase your energy consumption. Why spend more when you can save more instead? Thank God, nowadays we can find in the market smarter hot tubs to reduce the impact of running costs. Looking for energy-efficient solutions will be the main alternative to save money during cold winter evenings or when the temperature descends.

Need to update your older hot tubs? Look for our electrician services to start installing your modern hot tubs. The best option is to save energy.

We can't forget that reducing our electrical energy is also important for the environment. Climate Change is a real issue, controlling the heating of our hot tub water is just one of many simple things we can do to help mother earth.

The Impact Of Hot Tubs On Your Energy Bill

When the temperature changes, it also changes our habits. We ate more cold things, do different activities and so on. In cold weather is very common to take a shower with hot water. Research shows how in some weather the electricity bill changes from $10 t0 $25 per month. The difference is pretty evident. A few degrees are enough to make you spend more money.

The thing is hot tub covers a great part of your electric bill. Changing the water temperature requires a lot more energy, even more, if your environment has a lot of cold air. However, there are other things that will impact your hot tub running cost, such as, the climate temperature, the cost per kilowatt, the size, and the design of your hot tub. Also, you have to ve aware of heat loss, warm air, air control, dirty filter.

This doesn't mean you can enjoy a spa day with your family. You just need to look for the best option to save energy and money. Keeping the quality of your hot tub will make a big difference.

Easy Ways To Reduce Hot Tub Energy Costs

A hot tub will make any space more relaxing, but you have to take into account the maintenance, the climate, and good installation to keep it in good condition. You can reduce energy in many ways, from doing simple tasks like switching off when you are not using it to buying a new hot tub that is more energy-efficient to completely rewiring your home. We also strongly recommend having a backup generator that will keep your hot tub temperature consistent (heating it up from a cool temperature uses a lot more energy than keeping the water consistently hot).

We want to reduce your electricity bill. For this reason, we collected a few tips to reduce energy usage while you are enjoying your hot tub:

 Notice Leaks

If your hot tub is well installed, it doesn't have to give you any problems. Nonetheless, over time spray foam insulation become waterlogged until it starts losing its effectiveness. When foam insulation loses its heating action, leaks start to appear.

Why are these marks so bad for your hot tub? Because it makes the heating process longer, less effective, and unnecessary. In consequence, you pay more. So make it your top priority to fix every leak you found on your hot tub. If the heat escapes you will only have a tub with cold water.

After that remove the old and wet spray foam and replace it with something new. Get fresh and dry spray foam insulation to eliminate leaks.

All the hot tub owners must always read the manufactures' instructions to know how to prevent heat escaping.

Use LED Lights

LED lights are well known for being more green-friendly than incandescent bulbs because they use less energy. Once they start flickering, the bulbs need to be replaced, but the life of an LED bulb is quite longer than an incandescent bulb.

If you have an old model, it might be equipped with incandescent bulbs. Don't worry. Is very easy to make the switch, or you can ask for electrical service to do the lighting installation job for you. It will be worth it. LED lights are more energy-efficient according to many experts in the field. And they last longer. While a regular bulb lasts 1,000 hours, LED lights can last up to 25,000 hours. Amazing, right?

Hot tub owners can also think about taking care of the environment! LED lights are a useful alternative to save money and be less aggressive with our earth. And the best thing: your hot tub will look amazing!

Use The Right Hot Tub Cover

If you are not using your hot tub, try to cover it. Then you will reduce the loss of water, energy, and heat. In the market, you can find many types of hot tub covers that will meet your needs. Buying a good cover will maintain the hot temperature, so you can take a mini-break from your spa and when you get back the water will still be hot enough. This also will help to not overload the pumps and heating system keeping the heat inside. If you're not sure where to buy a quality cover, start by asking your local electrician what you should look for.

Many existing hot tubs already bring their own hot tub cover, but if your tub didn't include it you can find something for it in the market. Check the sizes and length of your hot tub and choose so the cover that fits perfectly.

Keep A Consistent Temperature

If you change the water temperature of your hot tub, you will lose too much energy. If you can, try to set a lower temperature and keep it that way. Most people set their hot tubs to 104 0r 105 degrees, using too much power. Experts recommend turning down to 102 degrees. This will make a great difference in your electric bill. If the temperature changes despite your efforts to keep it the same, there could be an issue with the electrical wiring in your home.

Take into account the highest peaks of energy consumption, they are usually in the mornings and evenings. Now that you know this you can plan your energy consumption and have a cheaper bill for the next month. Recognize the peak energy time for your and your family.

Install A Modern Hot Tub

We know you love your hot tub and you have many years with it. However, if this tub is still raising your energy bill, maybe it's time to buy a new modern hot tub. Nowadays, you can find models that are more energy-efficient and that are connected to your smartphone just like your smart home security system. Remember how spray foam gets rusty over time, this will affect the heat scaping, energy efficiency, and so on. For this reason, is important to update older hot tubs. When looking for a new one, don't forget to ask for an energy-efficient model, that for sure will reduce your monthly energy bill.

Contacting a good residential electrician will help to have a perfect hot tub installation. They will look for the best air controls, LED lights, avoid heat loss, and may give you extra insulation.

We are fully licensed and insured Hamilton Electrician, and we always work with the utmost safety in mind. We are also committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service.

To learn more about our services, please visit our homepage at You can also call us at 289-799-4246.

If you enjoyed reading this article, contact us for a quote. We hope you learned a lot from this post. Enjoy the hot tub!

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