Stay Safe with these Home Security Tips

60% of burglars will walk in the other direction if you have a security system in place. Everyone wants to feel safe in their home. It is the one place you can escape from the world.You want to relax in the knowledge that you and your belongings are safe from harm. Below we are going to review some home security tips to better safeguard your home.

Security System/Cameras

Having an alarm or camera set up is one of the best ways to deter a burglar. The camera will show the burglar giving you an easier time IDing them (even if they are in a mask). The alarm’s loud sound will have the criminal fleeing your home. This is especially so if you have neighbors. Make sure you are in contact with your neighbors and that they are aware you have security systems in place. This way if something happens they know to contact the police. Any security devices you have you want to make sure they are up to date. If the wires are faulty or if your alarm goes off randomly, you won’t have reliable systems. If your alarm is always going off, your neighbors may not call the police. They won’t know your house is actually getting broken into.You can place signs for the security company you use in your yard. This will make thieves warier to break into your home.

Smart Locks

Another way to secure your home is to use smart locks. When using smart locks people need to input a code or use your smartphone to enter your home. If the correct code is not entered an alarm system will trigger. If you want to allow specific people into your home you can send them a temporary code. For example, if you have someone who cleans your home once a week. You can give them a code that will activate for a specific amount of time. It will deactivate once the deadline is met. Even if you don’t invest in smart locks, your doors will still have locks on them. One of the simplest things you can do is making sure your doors are actually locked. There are locks on your doors for a reason, make sure you’re utilizing them.


When you go out, set timers in your home to make people believe that someone is at the house. You can set timers on specific lights in your house or on the tv. If burglars think someone is in the house they are much less likely to enter your home.You should also invest in timers for outside your house. You want your house to be well lit. If any of your alarms go off it makes it easier for neighbors to spot the intruder.Lights make it more difficult for them to hide and may deter them from breaking in initially.

Get a Dog

Getting a dog can be one of the best ways to protect your home. If burglars see you have a dog they will be less likely to steal from you. Dogs are loud and will attract attention, and larger dogs can be very intimidating. You can also place a “Beware of Dog” sign up in your yard to further deter criminals from entering your home.

Simpliest Home Security Tip: No Status Updates

Posting on social media that you are away on vacation is a big no-no. If criminals know you won’t be home it makes your house an easy target and they will be much more likely to hit it. Either share your trip with people after you get back, or make sure you have a house sitter.If you post you are away on social media, mention that someone will be at the house. It could be a family member, a friend, anyone. Just make sure people believe the house is occupied.

Heading Out

These are a few home security tips that can help keep your home safe from getting burglarized. It is recommended to use more than one type of security. The more ways you can keep your home secure, the more likely you will keep unwanted people from entering it.

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