7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Commercial Camera System

What would you do to save your business $45 billion dollars? The answer is up your security system! That eye-popping amount is how much money retailers lost to theft in 2015 alone. It’s no wonder that the global security market is predicted to grow up to 10% by 2023.You know the benefits of installing video surveillance technology in your home. Here are seven essential reasons why your business needs a commercial camera system.

1. Keep Your Property Safe

We’ve got to start with the simplest reason — keeping your property safe. things like security personnel and alarm systems are great, but having a security camera system for business surveillance gives you an eye witness view. Setting up multiple cameras along with other loss prevention techniques is your best bet.

2. Prevent Theft

Along with keeping your property safe, you want to prevent theft both inside and out. Setting up a camera system can make potential thieves think twice.Sometimes, the call is coming from inside the house. While we want to always trust our employees, if there’s a bad apple on your team, a camera will help you find them.

3. Lower Insurance

When your camera is recording, you’re getting a factual, clear record of any incident on your property. Some insurance companies recognize that and are willing to give you a discount. After setting up your camera system, ask your insurance company if you qualify.

4. Reduce Workplace Incidents of Sexual Harassment or Violence

Some employees aren’t after your goods. They might be looking for an opportunity to hurt or harass their fellow worker. Having a camera system in place can help curb and deter bad actions. If anything does happen on your property, you’ve got a record of the incident.

5. Reduce Fraud

Insurance fraud can be quite lucrative. Unscrupulous New Yorkers netted $31 million off of fraudulent slip-and-fall claims.If a customer claims your store is unsafe and they hurt themselves on your property, you’ve got proof. With the best camera system for business needs, you can protect yourself from fake claims.

6. Improve Productivity

Wondering how you can boost productivity and increase your profit? A video system might be the answer.You can have a bird’s eye view of your day-to-day operations. From there, you might discover that there are better ways of doing things.With a camera system in place, your employees also know they’re being watched. It might put a little more hustle in their work!

7. Peace of Mind

Can you put a price on peace of mind? Yes — and it costs as much as a security surveillance system for your business.You can feel free to go on vacation or relax after a long day knowing you’ve got a camera system recording your business. That’s truly priceless!

Install a Commercial Camera System Today!

There are plenty more good reasons why you need a commercial camera system. These seven are the best and they’re very convincing.Protect your business and preserve your peace of mind. Contact us today for your free quote on a new security system!

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