How Much Does it Cost to Wire a New House? What You Can Expect to Pay

The statistics Canada estimates that out of a total of 12,071 reported cases of residential fires, the majority were came from an electrical malfunction.The figures showed an improvement in the number of reported cases from 2012 to 2014. The figure is the highest compared to other sources of fires like industrial fires and assembly fires. How much does it cost to wire a new house? What you can expect to pay. If you recently bought a new house & want to know how much you should expect to pay to hire an electrician to wire it, you should click here for a price guide.

Need to Wire

Wiring a house is a generation affair. A house aged over forty years is right for rewiring as the technology has changed within the period. Wiring brings new wires and eliminates cases where the wires were either too old or switch broken or compromised.You can also rewire a house when you move into a new house, and you feel your electricity needs are higher than the current power system.

How Much Does It Cost to Wire a New House?

The Canadian national cost of wiring a 1,200 square feet house is at least CAD 13,000. This electrical installation cost can fluctuate depending on the age and size of the house. For example, the average cost of a 40-year-old house can be up to the range of CAD 39,000 due to the need to rewire the whole house.

Opening Walls

The cost of opening up walls to let wires pass is around CAD 4,600-10,500. This price can also vary depending on whether you want to extend your house or if your house was in bad shape. Your electrician can also reduce this cost if they allow wires to go through the basement without breaking walls.

Cost of Wires, Switches, Nuts, and Bolts

The cost of buying new wires is CAD 9 per ft. Depending on the length of the wires required, this can go up to CAD 3,290 if you include the cost of switches, bolts, and nuts. A switch costs about CAD 195, and you might need two or three in a single space.

Enhancement Wiring

If you feel you need to have the wires enhanced to increase the security of the wires, then you can deploy structured wiring. This goes for about CAD 3 per sq.ft. (CAD 3160).

Labor Costs

This will largely depend on the electrician and their experience. It also depends on the amount of work and the number of hours spent on work. An hourly pay rate of an electrician is between CAD 65 and CAD 130, and this would take from two hours to upwards of 7 hours.Total labor costs for wiring a house can be up to a third of the total cost of the house wiring project depending on the amount of work.

Permits for Wiring

You will need a permit to rewire your house. The average cost of a rewiring permit is CAD 394 to 658 depending on your local authority rates.

Wiring a New House Is Easier Compared to an Old House

The information above answers the question – how much does it cost to wire a new house? When it comes to looking at a new construction electrical cost, expect the work to be easy compared to older houses.The cost of wiring is also affected by the size of the house, the spaces needed and the length of wires needed. Also, consider labor costs and the experience of the electrician. If you enjoyed reading this article, contact us for a quote.

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