Electrical Safety at Home

7 Useful Tips for Electrical Safety at Home

By Advantage Electric | August 29, 2020 |

​Electricity plays a part in our everyday lives. From blow-drying our hair to cooking our favorite meal, it’s important to practice electrical safety at home to ensure we’re protecting ourselves and the ones we love.1. So Many Appliances, Not Enough OutletsIt seems like everything nowadays needs some source of power. But what do you do…


5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Electricity

By Advantage Electric | August 26, 2020 |

Every year, it seems the electric bill keeps getting bigger and bigger no matter how hard you try to save. No one likes paying high electric bills, but there are many things you can do to reduce it. If you want to save money on electricity, then we’ve provided several ways to lower your bill…


Home Security Ideas to Burglar Proof Your Home

By Advantage Electric | August 23, 2020 |

You never think a robbery will happen to you until it does. In 2017 alone, there were an estimated 1.4 million burglaries in the United States.Luckily, there are some easy things you can do that can help protect your home from theft. Keep reading to learn about four home security ideas that will make your…

Fire from electricity

How to Prevent Electrical Fires: A Step by Step Guide

By Advantage Electric | August 19, 2020 |

How common are house fires? More common than you think. According to the National Fire Protection Association, one is reported every 90 seconds in the United States.What is the leading cause? Cooking equipment—it accounts for more than half of all cases. Cigarettes, candles, and heating systems contribute to the problem as well.Perhaps the most dangerous,…

Warning Signs of Bad Wiring in Houses

5 Warning Signs of Bad Wiring in Houses – Advantage Electric

By Advantage Electric | August 16, 2020 |

Every year electrical malfunctions cause 50,000 preventable house fires. Is your home at risk?It’s important to be vigilant for signs of electrical problems in your home. But how can you tell if your home is at risk for an electrical fire?Loose or damaged wiring is responsible for most domestic electric fires. Check out our top…

Electrician Advantage Electric

9 Electrical Questions to Ask an Electrician Before Hiring

By Advantage Electric | August 13, 2020 |

Hiring any kind of skilled trade person to do work for you can be a challenge. You want a person who is qualified to do the work, will do quality work, and will fit in your budget. Sometimes it feels like finding all three of those things is impossible.If you are looking to hire an…

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting

Industrial Electrical Troubleshooting: Fixes for 5 Common Problems

By Advantage Electric | August 10, 2020 |

Industrial electrical troubleshooting isn’t just any troubleshooting. It’s not always straightforward, requires extensive knowledge, and it can be dangerous. In the U.S., there were 136 deaths in 2017 due to job-site electrical faults.If you’re tackling industrial electrical problems, you need electrical troubleshooting experts and expertise on your side. And we have you covered.Here are a…


5 Essential Questions to Ask an Electrician Before Hiring Them

By Advantage Electric | August 6, 2020 |

With over 90,000 licensed electricians in Canada, it can be difficult to find the right one for the job you need.Read of for the 5 questions you must ask an electrician before you hire them! 1. Are You Insured and Licensed?No matter how experienced the electrician is, accidents happen. And if the person you hired…

Your Home Needs 24/7 Security Monitoring

Here Is Why Your Home Needs 24/7 Security Monitoring

By Advantage Electric | August 1, 2020 |

More and more people across the United States are turning to home security to protect their families.In fact, experts predict the home security industry to grow over 10 percent by 2023, making the industry worth over $74 billion.Have you considered getting 24/7 security monitoring for your home? Keep reading to learn the reasons why you…

Signs of Frayed Wires in Your Home

5 Signs of Frayed Wires in Your Home

By Advantage Electric | July 29, 2020 |

When the wiring in your home goes bad, you could be risking injury and death for you and your family. Frayed wires can cause blown fuses, electrocution, and even cost you your life.Faulty electrical wiring causes 20% of all house fires in Canada. Some of these lead to major structural damage, injury, or death.To learn…

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